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All That I Wanted Was A Little Touch.


My name is Sarah. This blog is all about me. I love to write about what goes through my head. I love to get lost in tv shows. I'm a very sarcastic person. I love discovering old abandoned or "haunted" things. My mind is a maze full of dirty traps. Don't get too close ;)

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Came in to get spayed. Seems a little worried

James Franco with Totes McGotes the kitten at Broadway Barks on July 12th, 2014.
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keep fuckin walkin you postman piece of shit

Guys… tiny Hannibal seems to have let himself out of his box.
You know what that means? HE’S GOING TO COMIC-CON!
We’re chronicling tiny Hannibal’s adventures to San Diego all week with the hashtag #EatTheCon on Twitter and Tumblr. Follow him along, watch out for clues and YOU could win your very own SDCC Exclusive Hannibal Funko Doll!
Details to come.
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